Adjusting Your Stroke For Your Shoulder Flexibility

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Have you watched the wonderful strokes of elite swimmers and then tried to emulate them in the pool? I often show footage of elite swimmers and triathletes to my swimmers to show them the key elements of efficiency they can look to apply to their own strokes. But should we only watch elite swimmers and copy them? Unfortunately not always - as coaches we need to make adjustments for the swimmer's individual biomechanics and flexibility.

Important Triathlon Rules Update!

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As the sport of triathlon grows British Triathlon have moved to bring their domestic competion rules into line with the International Triathlon Union (ITU) and other worldwide federations. Irrespective of wether you are new to triathlon or a Salty Old Seadog of the sport it's important you understand the new rules so you don't fall foul of time penelties or at the very worst a DQ! You can download the full competition rules by clicking here


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