Irrespective of your starting point my coaching philosophy is to help you the athlete develop not only your fitness and technical ability but also your knowledge and understanding of your training. I offer a range of services across a range of sports and disciplines ranging from 1-2-1 coaching sessions through to full personal coaching on a rolling monthly basis. All my coaching services are done on a face to face basis to ensure the best possible service. I don't do remote coaching or training plans.

1-2-1 Coaching Sessions

You choose the sport/discipline and tell us your goals and what you'd like to achieve from the session and we will build a bespoke session to suit your needs. Sessions normally last an hour but if preferred longer sessions can be booked. Once you've booked your session Coach Morg will contact you to chat to you about your session to enable us to hit your goals for the session.

Advanced Swim Video Analysis - 75 mins

This process of video analysis is aimed at all levels of freestyle swimmers. Whether you are looking to perfect your swimming stroke or wanting to identify aspects of your stroke that are holding you back. Using high quality HD video footage you will have the opportunity to see yourself swim from above and below the water from many different angles.The analyses of the footage will take place on poolside, identifying points in your stroke that are holding you back in the water. We will highlight drills, techniques and training methods that will help you move forward with your performance and improve your efficiency through the water. Once the analysis is complete we will get you back in the water for a stroke correction and development session.

Group Sessions

If you are a group of friends or a community group that need the input of a coach then I can definitely help. Often a group session can be more fun and also allows for the cost to be shared. Working with groups of up to 20 participants I will ensure that all abilities are catered for and where possible everyone will achieve their goals for the session. Sessions can either be a one off or a series of sessions spread overall several weeks.