Evolve Tri & Swim Coaching

The whole principle of evolve is very simple and that's deliberate! We don't believe in over complicating training or information as this often has a negative impact on performance. Yes we know and understand the science and theories that sit behind what we coach but we put our passion in to ensuring that everything we do goes towards creating a holistic approach to training. There's no point getting technical and complicated if you aren't even getting the basics right or you are actually focussing on the wrong elements.

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Often out first step with our clients is to sit down over a brew and work out exactly what's working well, what can be improved, where you are now & where you want to get to. To help with this we use a very simple process model we've developed over the years which we call "Evolve". Evolve is at the heart of everything we do so wether you just visit us for a 121 appointment or workshop or you are one of our regular squad members you'll be encouraged to embrace change and explore new opportunities to improve your performance.

We also believe that we always achieve greater things together! From our training squads to social hang outs we have a big focus on keeping things social!

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Don't worry if you can't make our squads, workshops or coaching sessions as you can join our coffee club and get access to all our session plans, training guides, videos and much more via our Evolve website. The evolve site not only gives you access to our extensive library and regular weekly updates but also has a built in training diary to allow you to record your training and if you decide you need some extra help you can ask one of us to take a look at your diary and advise some modifications to your training.

Visit the Evolve website today!