Swim Smooth Yorkshire

Yorkshire's Only Swim Smooth Certified Coach & Training Squads!

As Yorkshire's only Swim Smooth Certified Coach I have combined 15 years of coaching experience with being directly mentored by Swim Smooth Head Coach Paul Newsome with here in the UK and at Swim Smooth's global HQ in Perth Western Australia. I offer the full range of Swim Smooth Services from our Advanced Video Analysis & Stroke Correction Sessions to a variety of Workshops and Training Camps.

Advanced Video Analysis & Stroke Correction

This process of video analysis is aimed at all levels of freestyle swimmers. Whether you are looking to perfect your swimming stroke or wanting to identify aspects of your stroke that are holding you back. Using high quality HD video footage you will have the opportunity to see yourself swim from above and below the water from many different angles.

The analyses of the footage will take place on poolside, identifying points in your stroke that are holding you back in the water. We will highlight drills, techniques and training methods that will help you move forward with your performance and improve your efficiency through the water.

Once we ascertain the areas required for development within your stroke, we will get back into the water and practice the drills and techniques required to make the improvements in your stroke.

At the end of the consultation, you will walk away with a Video file of your swim stoke and full analysis, along with an individualised development training plan and the drills you need to practise to help support your progression.

Swim Smooth Squads

My team and I run regular training squads at different locations across Yorkshire. Below you can see our latest schedule that includes everything from our popular Swim Smooth Swim Squads through to our Open Water Swimming Sessions at our base the Blue Lagoon in the Heart of Yorkshire. As well as swimming we run regular run and brick training sessions. Our squads are open to all and contain a perfect mix of technique/skill development balanced with fitness development. If you are unsure if a squad session will be suitable to you then please click to read the description in the booking app below or contact me for a chat.

We are proud of the culture of our squads where we bring teamwork and fun into what is often a lonely individual sport. the camaraderie within our squads is second to none.

Workshops & Training Camps

Throughout the year we run a range of workshops and training camps in the UK and abroad. With the perfect mix of theory and practical training you will leave having armed with greater insight in to your own unique physiology, biomechanics and psychology and how this can effect your training and how embracing your individuality will help you improve your performance.

UK Workshops & Camps
- Open Water Swimming for Beginners
- Open Water Freestyle Stroke Development (3 hrs)
- Swim Smooth Stroke Correction (half day)
- Evolve Run Technique (3 hours)
- Swim Smooth Stroke Correction ( 2 days)
- Open Water Swim Camps (2 days)

Warm Weather Training Camps
- Swim Smooth Mallorca Swim Camps (1 week)
- Swim Smooth Stroke Correction (3 days)